In spite of the continuing advances in the field of sleep medicine, most people are often unaware of how to achieve and maintain a good night’s rest.

They assume restless nights and interrupted sleep patterns are the normal results of living in a busy world with so many demands.

Businesses and corporations can be put at risk from their employees’ sleep disorders. The ability to concentrate, to make decisions and to work at a productive level are all affected by fatigue.

Often the safety of others may depend upon the sleep history of a single individual who works in a factory, operates heavy machinery, drives a school bus, flies an aircraft or spends long hours driving 18-wheel trucks on the highway.

Employees who start the work day feeling well rested are an asset to any workplace. The Sleep Medicine Center offers many services that can help to educate your employees and diagnose their sleep disturbances. It is in a company’s best interest to ensure that employees are feeling mentally and physically prepared when they start a new day of work.

The Sleep Medicine Center is unique in that it offers sleep studies virtually 24 hours a day. Our physicians realize that an individual is best tested when allowed to follow the sleep patterns of their normal routine. This also provides a better quality of test results upon which to base a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Employee health insurance generally covers the sleep testing services at the Washington University Sleep Medicine Center.

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