BOEING Corporation:

Health and Fitness Specialist for the Wellness Program – R.R. “The topic of Sleep Disorders has had a greater response from our employees than any other health lecture we have offered.”

Employee comments from surveys:

  • “Great presentation! Just the right information to get an idea of whether you might have a problem, plus some glimpses into what can be done for it.”
  • “The presentation was very informative with a nice mix of slides and videos.”
  • “Dr. Duntley was a great speaker and the subject matter was very interesting.”
  • “I learned a lot and enjoyed the presentation.”

Brown Shoe Corporation

Benefits Manager, Human Resources – S.W. “The seminar was informative and well executed. The speaker provided enough depth about the subject matter in a manner that allowed the employees to evaluate their situations and how it might fit into the services offered through the sleep clinic.”

“The audio/visual material was helpful and illustrative. On-site trials of the sleep disorder equipment made the concept of getting help for their disorders less scary for those who participated.”

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