The Sleep Center’s staff is committed to educating patients in the successful management of their sleep disorders.     

Management may involve behavioral therapy, changes in sleep rituals, prescribed medications, dental appliances, the use of a CPAP/BIPAP or a combination of therapies.

Our professional registered staff of nurses, sleep technologists, respiratory therapists and physicians are available to address patient concerns or difficulties that may arise throughout the treatment process.

However, our commitment to sleep education does not stop with our patients. The Sleep Center is committed to promoting public health within the Greater St. Louis community.

Educational outreach program

Continuing the Washington University School of Medicine tradition of education, the Sleep Center offers a community outreach program that includes participation in health fairs and educational lectures.

Learning the advantages of good sleep habits and the health concerns associated with chronic sleep deprivation can be beneficial to all age groups, even middle school and high school students.

If you are interested in having a Sleep Center staff professional speak to your organization, business or civic group of 20 people or more, please contact Karen Porter at 314-273-4427 to arrange a speaking engagement. Allow at least 45 days before your meeting date to schedule the lecture.

Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program

The Washington University Sleep Medicine Center A-STEP program provides participants with standardized education and training that develops a sleep medicine knowledge base and the professional skills required of a sleep technologist.