A sleep study is a recording that includes measurements used to identify different sleep stages such as breathing patterns, blood oxygen levels, muscle activity and heart rhythm. Other measurements may be included at the discretion of the ordering physician.

The sleep study is the most commonly performed test for sleep disorders and is also known as an all-night polysomnogram. During this all-night study, you will sleep at the center at your regular sleep time in a comfortable and quiet private room.

You are encouraged to bring your regular medications, pajamas, a pillow and whatever will make you feel the most comfortable.

In special medical cases, a caregiver can stay overnight in an adjacent room at the sleep center. Requests for this must be made and approved in advance by the ordering physician. Being located at the Chase Park Plaza provides the opportunity for family members to stay overnight in the adjoining hotel while the sleep study is performed at the sleep center.

  • A video of a sleep study experience has been included on this website to inform patients.